A Different Kind of Company

The Software Den

Jingleware is a technocracy run by engineers.  Each engineer is a computer and technology enthusiast in career and passion.  Each engineer has a stake in the products they work on. Each engineer is following his or her passion when they work to bring a product to market.

The evolving & expanding Software Company

Since our engineers are paid per project instead of per hour, we can accept as many engineers as we want with as many different backgrounds as they come. Furthermore our engineers are passionate about growing with the world of technology. Jingleware is not stuck in any one technology like most Software companies.

The Company that does Software right

In most Software Companies the goal of each software product is for its manager to be promoted to VP. Products are primarily designed to impress upper management. Most managers arrange to move onward and upward immediately after Rev 1 of their product is released. At Jingleware engineers are paid according to how well their product does with consumers. Our pay increases are the added commission from a successful product. Therefore Jingleware designs products to please consumers, to have a long life, to be high quality and low maintenance.

The Innovative Software Company

In most Software companies only the leaders can propose new product ideas. Proposals are evaluated by how much clout and influence the proposer has. At Jingleware any engineer can propose a new product idea based on research or their own personal experience as a consumer. Proposals are evaluated by the engineers who would work on the product. They decide based on how well they expect the product to do with consumers to earn them a return for their work.  Hence our evaluations are done according to consumer need and appeal. We aim to fulfill consumers' desires or give consumers an experience they hadn't thought to desire yet.