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Our Areas Of Expertise

Embedded Controller Firmware

c, c++, Arduino Script •
ThreadX, Viper, Nucleus, Embedded Linux

RAID, Caching & Storage

PCIe Attached HW, Software Driver • SATA, SAS, FC, Parallel SCSI

Smart Phone Apps

Objective-C, Swift, Java

Web Backend & SQL Database Programming

LAMP (Linux / CentOS / Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL / MariaDB, PHP / CakePHP), WordPress, cPanel, phpMyAdmin

Windows & Linux Drivers

c, c++

Why Choose Jingleware?

  • Over 25years of experience.

    We’ve started with embedded assembler, and worked our way through technologies as they’ve come such as: Commercial Kernels, Windows Device Drivers, Linux Drivers, Backend Web-design & SQL Databases, iOS & Android Apps, Arduino coding.

  • We respect your intellectual property

    All engineers sign NDAs.  All our development is done in your office or in-house in our office.  We never outsource to 3rd parties.  We never reuse your source code on competing or any other projects but yours.

  • We're located in the Boston Area

    You don’t need to arrange for visitors from Silicon Valley or start talking about relocations.  Our office and our engineers are within driving distance of your office.

  • We start with a free, no-obligation onsite consultation

    We’ll come onsite and review your development needs with you and let you know which of our engineers are best suited for your needs.

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